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The DORO 1380 was introduced during a time when the concept of mobile communication was still in its infancy. It was released in the early 2000s, an era where cell phones were transforming from the large, cumbersome devices primarily used for voice calls into more compact and feature-rich devices. Though by today's standards, its features might seem primitive, the DORO 1380 was considered cutting-edge at the time.

Design and Features:

The DORO 1380 had a classic candy bar design with a small monochrome display and a physical numeric keypad. Its dimensions were compact and lightweight, making it a truly portable device, unlike its predecessors, which were significantly bulkier.

As for features, the DORO 1380 offered more than just basic calling capabilities. It had an address book to store contacts, text messaging functionality, and an alarm clock. The phone also included a simple yet addictive game that kept users entertained during their spare time. One of its key selling points was its impressive battery life, which allowed users to go several days without needing a recharge – a far cry from the daily charging routines of today's smartphones.

DORO 1380

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